June 16, 2002
Alanis Morissette "Under Rug Swept" cover   I know some people scoff at Alanis, but I love her. And this CD is great. Immediate favorites "Hands Clean", "So Unsexy", "21 Things I Want In A Lover". Don't let scoffing keep you from these great tunes.
Posted by Alyssa at 08:01 AM
Joni Mitchell "Blue" cover  I'm in a strange situation in the office I'm currently in. I went from having my own office and complete autonomy over my music to being in a very shared space amongst many people of various musical tastes. I'm quite disturbed when I listen to Blossom Dearie and am asked to turn it down. Who could find fault with Blossom? So I try to be unobtrusive. This album of Joni's is both fantastic and unobstrusive. As long as I don't blast it, they leave me alone. I could listen to "A Case of You" over and over again. But they'd probably yell at me if I did.
Posted by Alyssa at 07:53 AM