May 20, 2002
American Hi-Fi

cover American Hi-Fi. These guys rock. Hard. I bought the CD for the radio hit "Flavor of the Weak" which I just adore and play over and over and over and over...ahem...excuse me. But the rest of the CD is great, too. It's what my sister calls "boy punk" which is not quite full blown punk but certainly far from a boy band in the Backstreet Boys sense. If you want to bounce around the room nodding hard to the music, then this is a great CD for you. It works for me.

Posted by Alyssa at 09:32 PM
Peggy Lee "Great Ladies of Song"

cover  "Great Ladies of Song"--Peggy Lee. There's just something about her. She may be incredibly white but her voice is so smooth. Peggy Lee is the female Sinatra. She's perfect on songs like "The Best Is Yet To Come" and "Too Close For Comfort," songs I associate with Frank Sinatra. The only song that leaves me cold is "If I Should Lose You," which I have on another CD sung with such heartwrenching power by Billie Holiday that hearing anyone else sing it pales by comparison. And Peggy is better at the breezy tunes than the heartfelt ones and that's ok. That's exactly what I need during a busy day at work.

Posted by Alyssa at 09:29 PM