March 19, 2004
Bowling For Soup "Drunk Enough To Dance"

I love these guys. I first heard them on "Girl All the Bad Guys Want" which was, as far as I know, their only radio hit. I thought it was cute, catchy, and a nice novelty tune. Out of curiosity I got a couple more of their songs to check them out. I love them. "Sucker Punch", "Bitch Song", "Greatest Day", "Life Without Lisa"... all great and clever and bitter and catchy songs. Sing-along lines, "Here she comes with another boyfriend, introduces me and says, this is the sweetest guy I've ever known, couldn't say a word I never say a word...and I say again, "this is the last time"." "You're a bitch but I love you anyway, you can't sing but you still put me to sleep, you're a bitch, yeah yeah yeah yeah, you're a bitch but don't ever go away." "I'm waking up and bakin', watching the parade cause today's the day I got over you... No more mountain climbing in the rain, no more long hair clogging up the drain, no more life will never be the same, life after Lisa is not so bad at all..."

The last two songs are on this album, the first full album I've bought of theirs (I'll be buying the rest, don't you worry). It also has the radio hit. Some other great songs, "I Don't Wanna Rock", "Running From Your Dad", "Cold Shower Tuesdays", I could go on... They're sort of like a mix of Barenaked Ladies, American Hi-Fi, and Reel Big Fish. They're just fun, not too serious, always catchy, and so cute in their baby blue tuxes on the cover.

Posted by Alyssa at March 19, 2004 07:50 PM
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