March 10, 2004
American Hi-Fi "The Art of Losing"

coverI didn't post for 2 years and here I am talking about American Hi-Fi again. It's a different album at least. I, as much as anyone, thought Am Hi-Fi was going to be one of those one song bands. There were some other good songs on their previous album, but none stood out like "Flavor of the Weak". So I suspected that was it. But I bought this album anyway. And I'm glad I did. It starts out great, "The Art of Losing" is a rocking song. Other great songs--"Teenage Alien Nation", "Nothing Left To Lose", "Happy". It's really a good album overall. But my favorite is "The Breakup Song". I defy you to listen to it and not scream along. Great melody, good lyrics. Love it.

Posted by Alyssa at March 10, 2004 09:35 PM

weere go out in italy tha album of ahf "Heatrs on parade"? yopu have a email address of american hi-fi pleasdeeeeeeeeeeeee you can send me

Posted by: monia on June 3, 2004 11:54 PM
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