June 19, 2004

I'm a fan of the teen film, which if you've been reading my reviews you probably already know. But I like a teen film with a twist, something unique, something clever, or an actor who is really compelling. Saved! accomplished most of these requirements.

Saved! is about a group of kids in a Christian high school. Jenna Malone plays a very religious student whose boyfriend tells her he's gay. She decides to save him by having sex with him, even though that will mean she had premarital sex, which could mean damnation for her. Naturally he doesn't have heterosexuality boinked into him and she ends up pregnant. She spends the rest of the school year both hiding her growing belly from her super religious and popular best friend Mandy Moore as well as the rest of her school and her mother; and hanging out with Mandy's brother, Macaulley Culkin, and his jewish girlfriend who help her come around to the idea that maybe there are other ways of living than the strictly religious life and maybe she won't go to hell.

It's fairly entertaining. Some of the acting is good. It has the young man from Almost Famous in it. Jenna is good and Mandy is amusingly evil. It's not your average story and while it's hardly an expose, it does take some good shots at the uber-religious. Nice pairing with Mean Girls which came out not long before Saved!

Posted by Alyssa at June 19, 2004 08:10 PM
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