June 13, 2004
Stepford Wives

I debated with myself about whether to watch this remake or the original film first, as I received the original film from Netflix on DVD the same weekend the movie came out. I had decided to watch the original first but then something happened and I didn't get around to it. So I went into this film with few preconceptions, mostly just the fact that the idea of a Stepford Wife is part of my culture and has been as long as I can remember.

The basic story of the remake is Nicole Kidman plays a TV executive who gets fired and her loving husband, Matthew Brodrick, moves them and their two kids to the country, to the small idyllic town of Stepford. Soon after arriving, they notice strange aspects of the town--women wearing 50's style garden dresses who love to clean and very average or boorish men with very hot wives. Nicole is horrified and tries to find out what's going on. Matthew digs it and joins the men's club.

The remake takes a much more satiric view of the situation than the original Stepford Wives, which was really meant to be a horror film. This is more of a comedy. It's entertaining and the acting is fine. The dresses are great. Worth a rental.

Posted by Alyssa at June 13, 2004 08:15 PM
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