May 30, 2004
Raising Helen

Kate Hudson is really cute. John Corbett is really cute. Two cute people, at least you know you'll have something to look at. And of course Joan Cusack can save almost any film, at least while she's on screen.

Kate is the rebellious youngest sister of three girls. Both of her older sisters have kids and husbands while Kate works in the fashion industry (model rep? not sure, doesn't matter) and goes out dancing and dates models. Then her cool sister (Felicity Huffman who I love and goes too soon) and her husband die in a car crash (I think, again doesn't matter much). Instead of giving guardianship of their kids to the anal, overachieving sister (Joan), the dead couple have given the kids to Kate. Joan is alienated, Kate is overwhelmed, the kids are running amok, and Kate's life is completely turned upside down.

The story is light and sappy. John Corbett plays a pastor, of all things, that Kate falls for after she's forced to move out of Manhattan and live in an apartment building from the 50's, apparently, with helpful neighbors, an elevator that works, and no security. She gets fired from her high-fashion job and becomes a receptionist at a used-car lot. Ok, little peeve here: the same thing happened in Jersey Girl--guy loses high-powered job and ends up running a streetsweeper. How likely is it that someone would go from an A list job to D list in one step? At least in Jersey Girl Ben's character screwed up royally in front of a lot of people and you could imagine that he'd be ostracized and unable to work in his field. But even then, is the next logical step street cleaning? Anyway, I digress. Of course everything turns out in the end after tears and screaming and all the things you would expect. Not a great film. Not even a good or original film. It's ok at best. See it if you like the actors and have no expectations.

Posted by Alyssa at May 30, 2004 08:39 PM
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