May 01, 2004
Mean Girls

I love teen movies. Well, the ones with at least a trace of irony or a decent actor. So this film seemed perfect for me.

Cady, who has been homeschooled all her life while living in Africa, at age 16 starts school with other kids for the first time. Completely lost in the subculture of teen-aged girls--one says "Shut up!" as an exclamation of disbelief and Cady says "I didn't say anything."--she has a miserable first day. Then things pick up. She befriends the art-class geeks then the evil Plastics, the most popular clique in school, decide she could be one of them. She agrees because the art geeks want an inside view of what it's like to be a Plastic. But as could be expected, the lure of popularity is strong and things start to go awry.

Tiny Fey, the writer, based this film on a non-fiction book that exposed the vicious cliques of teen-aged girls. And it does have a layer of authenticity. But ultimately it's just another teen flick. It's fun, it's darker than most (I've seen it compared to Heathers, which is considerably darker still), and Lindsay Lohan is extremely likeable as Cady. I enjoyed this film a lot. It's not high art. But it held up to a second screening, when my sister and I were looking for a film to see and I agreed to see this one a second time. And for the guys--Lindsay's got huge breasts. Hard to miss. Go see it.

Posted by Alyssa at May 01, 2004 08:12 PM
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