May 02, 2004
Laws of Attraction

I like Pierce Brosnan. I love Julianne Moore. I love romantic comedies. What could go wrong?

Julianne plays a repressed divorce lawyer. Pierce plays a free-wheeling, disheveled divorce lawyer. Naturally they're in a case against each other. And of course they end up in bed. After a lot of drinking. And married. When the press finds out they're married, they have to pretend like it wasn't a drunken mistake.

So disappointing. Parker Posey as a woman suing her rockstar husband for divorce and Frances Fisher as Julianne's mother are pretty much the only reasons to see the film and that's not enough. There's nothing wrong with the actors, they just have no chemistry with each other. What's wrong is the characters they've been asked to play and the story they've been asked to take part in. The tried-and-true story of rivals falling in love should have worked, but they made Julianne's character too bland and uptight, even when she's supposedly falling in love. Pierce lacks any real intensity or passion and we're without a clue as to why he's fallen for Julianne. The story is light and flawed and ultimately unappealing. Pass on this one.

Posted by Alyssa at May 02, 2004 08:11 PM
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