May 11, 2004
Super Size Me

I never go to McDonalds. As a vegetarian there's not a lot of point and anyway...ick. But that didn't stop me from swearing never to go to McDonalds again after seeing this film. Just in case I ever thought I might. I won't.

Morgan Spurlock has made a documentary about the effects of fast food on world, though mostly American, culture. he decided that for 1 month he would eat nothing that you couldn't order off the menu at McDonalds. 3 meals a day. If they asked him if he wanted to Super Size it, he had to say yes. And he had to eat everything. He was under the care of several physicians and a dietician. Before he began his experiment he was in great shape. Great cholesterol. Great weight for his height. Low body fat. Everything was great. After 1 month he'd gained 25 lbs, high body fat, bad blood levels including cholesterol, and his liver was reacting as if he was an alcoholic starting in on cirrhosis. Even half-way through his doctors tried to get him to quit. His dietician tried to get him to at least take some vitamins and stop drinking the soda. In the end he survives, but he's shocked his doctors, himself, and his vegan girlfriend with his quick decline.

This documentary is fantastic. One huge cautionary tale, it makes you want to eat nothing but salads (but not from McDonalds since one of them has as much fat as a Big Mac). It's not just one shot after another of him eating, though that does take up some screen time (not to mention the puking). He talks about the girls who tried to sue McDonalds for making them fat. He travels around and interviews people about their eating habits, finding out for instance that France is big on McDonalds and their sodas are larger than ours. He also interviews a man who has eaten thousands of Big Macs every day for years and has great cholesterol and is not overweight. One wonders if he's sold his soul to the devil after seeing the evil that McDonalds wreaks on everyone else. See this film. It'll change your eating habits and your state of mind.

Posted by Alyssa at May 11, 2004 08:03 PM
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