April 18, 2004
Ella Enchanted

You can't go wrong with a fairy tale. Even if it's trying to be a little too hip. And I have an admission--I liked The Princess Diaries. I'm really really sorry.

Ella was "blessed" at birth, like Sleeping Beauty before her, with a gift from her fairy godmother. Her fairy godmother gave her the gift of always having to obey. So whenever anyone tells her to do something, she has to do it, no matter what her conscience or free will tell her. Apparently for most of her life she's been able to hide this curse. But her father remarries after her mother's death bringing along 2 evil stepsisters, like Cinderella before her, and the stepsisters, despite being dense and self-involved, figure out the curse. So Ella sets off to try to get her fairy godmother to take back her gift. On her travels she runs into a prince charming among other interesting characters.

It's a fun film. They try a little too hard to be modern within the confines of the fairy tale format. There's an unnecessary song from Ella. And happily ever after is never in any doubt. But Vivica A. Fox is cool as the foolish fairy godmother. There's an elf who wants to be a lawyer. And Cary Elwes plays a fabulous evil "king". Overall, pretty enjoyable.

Posted by Alyssa at April 18, 2004 09:47 AM
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