April 06, 2004
The Reckoning

John Paul and I finally got to see this film, which you may recall we were trying to see when we ended up seeing Ned Kelly for free instead. I was looking forward to it for Paul Bettany. John Paul was looking forward to it for the travelling players. All in all we were hopeful.

The story is Paul is a priest whose been run out of town due to adultery and possibly worse. He runs into some travelling players who do religious plays. He joins them and they all end up in a town where a woman may be wrongfully executed for the killing of a young boy. As the players embark on figuring out the mystery, they put on a play of the events that may have transpired in the town in an effort to draw out the truth.

It's not a bad film. It's got a great darkness throughout. Paul is great and Willem Dafoe's pretty good though he chews the scenery a lot as usual. And did anyone else ever notice he barely moves his mouth when he speaks? Maybe he dreams of being a ventriloquist some day. Ultimately, though, the film falls flat. They should have done more with the plays, which turned out to be almost an afterthought. And there was a death scene that went on way way too long. And the most menacing character only remained menacing until he spoke. We both agreed that the film grew worse upon reflection. I felt I'd enjoyed the movie when I left and later decided it was unsatisfying. It was an ok film but had so much more potential than follow-through.

Posted by Alyssa at April 06, 2004 07:46 PM
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