April 03, 2004
The Prince and Me

This should have been a perfect movie for me. I love teen movies. I love romantic comedies. I love Julia Stiles. What could go wrong?

The story is Julia is a driven college student who wants to be a doctor. The prince of Denmark decides after watchin a "Midwest Girls Gone Wild" video that he wants to go to college in the Wisconsin. Coincidentally the same college where Julia is enrolled. They meet, they fall in love, she may become the future Queen of Denmark.

Unfortunately the film never quite meshes for me. Things happen too quickly. Julia seems too quick to be ready to marry at a young age to someone she hardly knows and give up everything she's always wanted and move to another country. There were also so many easy fixes that would have improved the film that the filmmakers either didn't bother with or didn't come up with. It could have been the kind of romantic comedy where I walk out of the theater my eyes brimming with tears, a sappy smile on my face. But instead I was vaguely discontented and possibly scowling. Could have been better.

Posted by Alyssa at April 03, 2004 11:06 PM

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