March 28, 2004
Jersey Girl

I have a love/hate relationship with Kevin Smith movies. I like him, I like his movies, I like the characters he creates usually. But he overwrites his dialogue. Not even Kevin Smith talks like the characters in a Kevin Smith movie and it drives me crazy. However, his dialogue is usually smart and creative so I give him a break.

So I saw this film, despite Ben Affleck who can annoy me and the fact that it has its touchy-feely aspects. It was ok. The story is Ben and Jennifer Lopez have a baby but Jen dies in childbirth. Ben moves in with his father (George Carlin) so his father can help take care of the baby. Ben has a high-powered PR career. However, after giving him a grace period, Dad wants Ben to take care of the baby himself, which of course causes problems. Ben gets fired at work and is forced to live in New Jersey with Dad and work for the city so he can take care of and provide for his kid.

The film is ok, manages not to get overly sentimental for the most part, and has good actors. George Carlin is dandy. Liv Tyler plays the romantic interest and she's cute and she and Ben have good chemistry. And Jay and Silent Bob never appear. But it lacks the certain sparkle most of Kevin's films have. It looks and feels like any other film. Which is kind of sad since one of the best things about Kevin Smith films is you always know they're Kevin Smith films. This lacked his special touch. But it was ok.

Posted by Alyssa at March 28, 2004 11:02 PM
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