March 23, 2004
Ned Kelly

My friend John Paul and I were going to see The Reckoning, about touring players who encounter injustice in medieval days. Very up our alley. But when we arrived at the theater, it turned out that there was a sneak preview film playing in place of our film and we could see it for free. Free is always good, and our film wasn't playing, so we figured what the hell. The film was Ned Kelly. I didn't really know anything about it beyond the cast. JP knew that Ned Kelly was an Australian outlaw. I always like seeing a film without a clue to its plot. I remember when I saw The Crying Game I didn't even know who was in it, never-the-less the infamous secret. That was the best.

So it turns out Heath Ledger plays Ned, an Australian outlaw who of course is unjustly outlawed. He and his brother and their two best friends are outlaws with them. They run around like Robin Hood, robbing banks and giving the money to the needy. Meanwhile, the government, such as it is, has given everyone in the country permission to shoot the outlaws on sight. And there's a whole fleet of soldiers on their tail.

It's not a great movie. Heath is fine but has relatively little dialogue and as a result doesn't really come off good or bad. Orlando Bloom suffers the same fate. Naomi Watts plays a wife who has the hots for Heath and she, too, is fine but underused. It's got it's good points though. There's a funny moment with a note Heath sends to the head soldier who's after him. There's a pretty funny scene involving some armour. And Heath looks good until his facial hair gets out of control. And the Orlando fans in the audience seemed to really enjoy themselves. It's an ok film, just not anything to write home about.

Posted by Alyssa at March 23, 2004 07:46 PM
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