March 07, 2004

I love a good adventure yarn. I loved The Mummy. The Lord of the Rings goes without saying. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Tomb Raider even (the second one). And I don't think they make enough of them, the old-fashioned kind with a real hero braving the elements, crossing deserts, fighting foes, winning prices/treasures. Love them. I sort of suspected Hidalgo would be along those lines.

It's based, loosely I understand, on the story of a Pony Express rider, played by Vigo Mortensen, and his horse, Hidalgo, who have never lost a long distance race. They're approached by a Sheik who has a stable of fine thoroughbreds and is affronted by Hidalgo being called the greatest endurance racer. The Sheik invites Vigo and Hidalgo to compete in a 3,000 mile race across the desert. Obviously Vigo takes him up on it and competes.

Some great scenes--sand storm and locusts and horses racing across the sand. Vigo's great with his aw-shucks cowboy thing. He takes himself too seriously on occasion, but on the whole he's great. And you gotta love the "little mustang that could" story line. The horse is a little too trained pony-ish, doing the occasional trick, but aside from that he's an excellent actor, too. All in all an enjoyable adventure yarn. Great for a Sunday afternoon, which is in fact when I saw it.

Posted by Alyssa at March 07, 2004 10:08 PM
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