February 15, 2004
50 First Dates

I really liked The Wedding Singer. It was very funny, Adam Sandler was charming, and he and Drew Barrymore had great chemistry. So I was interested in seeing this film. And my fluff-film partner-in-crime Angie, she'll love that I called her that, was looking forward to it too.

The plot is--Adam falls for Drew who, due to a car crash, has no short term memory. Every day for her is the day of her accident. After hitting it off with her one day, Adam has a hard time once he realizes he has to hit it off with her every day as if the last one didn't happen. With the help of Drew's family, he starts to figure out how he can manage to have a relationship with a woman who doesn't remember him every morning.

This film is actually very sweet. It's funny. There are moments I could have done without, most of them involving Rob Schneider and the rest involving Adam's androgynous coworker. Aside from those, the chemistry is still there, Drew is cute as a button, and Adam manages not to annoy me. Actually, I like Adam in decent films. Too bad he doesn't do more of them. My other complaint is that the film was originally called 50 First Kisses, which is a better title. See it, just allow yourself to enjoy it.

Posted by Alyssa at February 15, 2004 09:25 PM
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