February 08, 2004
Master and Commander

I didn't really intend to see this film. But then those stupid Oscar noms came out and it was up for Best Picture. I have to see all the Best Pictures. Russell Crowe plays the commander of a sailing ship during the Napoleonic era. His ship is engaged by a French ship and though the French ship seems to be more powerful and faster, and Russell's ship has been damaged by their first encounter, Russell's determined to chase it down. Paul Bettany plays the ship doctor and a naturalist who's more interested in the Galapagos Islands than staying on the ship to fight the French.

Russell Crowe is kind of hit and miss for me. I liked him in this, for the most part, despite the unattractive long hair. He does some scenery chewing but it's not excessively distracting. Paul Bettany is great as usual, my favorite part of the film. And Pippin from Lord of the Rings gets to play a non-hobbit character in this, showing me that I may have been wrong about the hobbit actors never working again. Oh, and great sailing scenes. The one in the storm is fantastic.

Posted by Alyssa at February 08, 2004 09:18 PM
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