January 12, 2004
The Triplets of Belleville

All I could say when leaving this movie was, "It was wonderful." Over and over. Wonderful. I've since given the synopsis of the film to others when trying to convince them to go see it and I can't explain what's so wonderful about it. The story is simple. A boy whose parents apparently have died is being raised by his grandmother. He's sad and lethargic. She tries everything to excite him. She gets him a dog, which he seems to like. Then she gets him a bike and that's the magic key. He becomes an accomplished biker. When he's old enough, he enters the Tour de France, Grandma as his trainer. Then someone kidnaps him from the middle of the race. Grandma and the dog stop at nothing to find him.

Sounds like a Disney flick, no? It does, but trust me, it's not. There's very little dialogue. There's wonderful music. And the animation is something different. It makes you realize that there's still a place for handdrawn animation, if you ever had any doubts. Go see this film. It's just wonderful.

Posted by Alyssa at January 12, 2004 10:08 PM
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