January 18, 2004

A friend of mine told me that back in the 50's they saw an average of 50 movies in the theater a year. After careful consideration, I suspected that I saw about that many a year now. To keep count, I'm going to do a review of every movie I see this year, no matter how embarrassing my taste can occasionally be.

My first movie of the year was "Monster". I'd heard such good things about Charlize Theron's performance I decided it was worth enduring the subject matter. This film is about Aileen Wuornos, America's first female serial killer to be executed by the state. She was a freeway prostitute in Florida who had been abused as a child. She meets a young gay woman, played by Christina Ricci, who treats her kindly and tells her she's beautiful. Soon she's involved in a relationship with her. But they still need money, so she continues to turn tricks. Unfortunately, one goes bad, the guy is horribly violent to her and she kills him. This starts her on a spree. She doesn't want to turn tricks but can't seem to make money doing anything else so she gets them as far as the side of the road then kills them and takes their money and cars. Of course it's a true story so we know it won't end well for her.

Charlize changes herself drastically physically, putting on weight, wearing prosthetics, having really bad hair. And her acting is good. The movie, however, is just a step above made-for-tv. I'm not sure I understand Aileen Wuornos much more than I would if I'd read an article about her. And all the Steve Perry is a little frightening.

Posted by Alyssa at January 18, 2004 08:15 PM
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