December 16, 2002
Three To Tango

coverYou wouldn't guess it, but this is a really fun movie. Ok, yes, I'm a sucker for a romantic comedy. And ok, yes, I'm a big sucker for Matthew Perry (I really can't explain it but I am). But I think there's a lot that's really great about this movie. First there's Matt. He's just flat out adorable in this. Then there's Dylan McDermott, who's very sexy. Then Neve Campbell...well, I'm actually not a big fan but she's really charming in this film. Basically the premise is that Matt and his business partner Oliver Platt (love him!), who is gay, are architects trying to get a big job from Dylan. Dylan is married with a mistress (Neve) whom he's extremely jealous about. In come the misunderstandings--Dylan thinks Matt is gay, Dylan makes Matt watch Neve to make sure she doesn't fool around. Neve and Matt fall for each other only to have Dylan tell them that Matt is gay which surprises them both and leads to one of the best lines in the film. (Matt shows up at Oliver's place to tell him that Dylan and Neve think he's gay only to find a dinner party going on. He says "Boy, you guys throw a lot of dinner parties." Oliver responds, "I'm gay, it's what we do." Ok, maybe you have to have to live in SF and have gay friends to think that's hilarious but that would be me...) Anyway, the premise isn't as important as the style with which they manage to pull it off. The movie starts out with swing music and a stylish opening which makes you realize it's not going to be your standard fluff film. It's creative, clever, and while it falls into cliché at times, it always stays entertaining. I highly recommend it.

Posted by Alyssa at December 16, 2002 08:56 AM
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