June 24, 2005

Truth, Lies, and Online Dating: Secrets to Finding Romance on the Internet

Ah, what a splendid book! Wodtke and Ulick are brilliant in their insights and expertise. Yes, ok, it's my book. But well worth buying!

Terry is an ex-Playboy photographer and TV station owner who has written many tech books. He knows how to teach you to take a good photo, how to use templates to your advantage, how to use photoshop (without changing yourself too much), and how to sell yourself (in a non-exploitative way). He spent a lot of time online dating and just before starting to write this book, he found the love of his life. He knows how important it is to be truthful so you find someone who really loves you for you.

I started online dating as a curiosity after ending a long-term relationship. As time went by, I learned the tricks of how to make yourself sound more appealing, without exaggerating your attributes. I learned what kind of photo will grab potential dates' attention and what you communicate when you choose one photo over another to post. In writing my first book about online dating, I posted my profile on every online dating site I could find that was reasonably respectable. I learned which sites had the quality men and which sites were trolled mostly by those looking for sex. And I've dated quite a bit, and had a lot of success finding those quality men. I haven't found my true love like Terry, but I'm working on it.

Aside from the obvious focus of the book, it teaches you a lot of good skills that translate to other aspects of your life. How to take a good photo, how to use templates, how to use photoshop, how to figure out the settings on your digital camera, how to get a free email account, how to build a simple website, and some basics of dating in general.

We think Truth, Lies, and Online Dating is a great, entertaining, informative book that gives you the tools to be a truthful online dater and to spot the liars out there. Before you brave the world of online dating, instead of making your own mistakes, read our book--we've already made all the mistakes and can tell you how to avoid them. It's worth every penny!

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